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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields


Individuals with KBG Syndrome are unique! While many share common characteristics, no two are exactly alike. 

KBG Syndrome

Individuals with KBG Syndrome may experience: 

  • Distinctive Facial Features:

    • Larger Upper teeth (Macrodontia)

    • Distinctive facial features with a short, wide skull (brachycephaly)

    • Wide Eyebrows that may grow together (synophrys)

    • Prominent Nasal Bridge

    • Thin Upper Lip

    • A longer space between the bridge of the nose and upper lip (long philtrum)

  • Skeletal Abnormalities​

    • Cervical Ribs​

    • Delayed Bone Age

    • Curved Pinky Fingers

    • Flat Feet

    • Short Stature

  • Emotional or Behavior Changes

    • Autism​

    • ADHD

    • Anxiety

    • Developmental Delays or Mild to Moderate Intellectual Disabilities

What families are saying: 

Kids with KBG Syndrome are:

  • Very loving

  • Funny

  • Have the biggest most genuine heart

  • Playful and Silly

  • Very Brave

  • Cute

  • Have a great sense of humor

  • Kind

  • Stubborn or Strong Willed

KBG Syndrome
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