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KBG Syndrome Association Executive Team

Meet the Team

Brianna Dose, RN

With over ten years of pediatric nursing experience, In neurogenetics, neurology, Peds/PICU/ NICU. Brianna hopes to help bridge the gap between families and medical professionals, creating relationships with rare families.

Judie Boss, LPN

Judie brings fresh perspective into living with KBG as an adult while navigating the challenges of having a child with it as well. As a nurse she also helps families navigate the complex world of special needs parenting.

Elissa Dominguez, RN

Elissa has over 25 years nursing experience working with medically complex children & young adults. She specializes in respiratory diseases, neurological disorders, brain injuries and Gastrointestinal complexities.

Julia Poole, LMSW, PMH-C

Julia is a licensed therapist, specializing in supporting neurodivergent children, teens, and adults. Julia is passionate about helping people navigate challenges while also recognizing and utilizing their strengths.

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