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School and 
KBG Syndrome

Information to share with your teachers: Due to the number of body systems that can be affected by KBG Syndrome there may be barriers to learning and classroom participation. To help offsest the difficulties children may face, appropriate interventions are needed.


Difficulties Students May Face

IEP's & 504 plans

What are IEP's and 504 plans? Which option is best for my child?

Medical Issues

What are the medical issues students may face and how do they affect them?

Social & Psychological

How do social and psychological conditions impact students?

School Supplies

Printable School Guide

A great resource for those new to KBG Syndrome

Have you ever wished you had something to give your child's teacher that would explain KBG Syndrome?


Download the very first FREE KBG Syndrome School Guide. 

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Let's Work Together

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